Crafts Technology Supports Elk Grove Village Students in Their Career Development

Crafts Technology Supports Elk Grove Village Students in Their…

Lean Manufacturing Thrives for Micro Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Thrives for Micro Manufacturing (Below .001")Engineers…

How a Culture of Ownership Improves Performance and Productivity

Financial Literacy – An ESOP LifeIf you call and ask to…

Crafts Technology Volunteer Day: Feed My Starving Child

Our employee owners donated their time to Feed Your Starving Child of Schaumburg.We had 16 people join us to pack food items for kids in need.The group packed 106 boxes that prepares 22,896 meals, to feed 63 kids for a year.Way to go volunteers!

The Retirement Celebration of the Year: Celebrating Two Incredible Legacies

Crafts Technology had the honor of hosting a surprise retirement party for Tom Kuhl & Dave Lemaistre, two of the three prior owners of Crafts Technology. Tom and Dave had been leading Crafts Technology since 2001, when they purchased the company. Both Tom and Dave had been involved with Crafts operation prior to 2001 and knew that Crafts Technology was a company that had a lot of potential for additional operational improvements and sales growth. Tom and Dave progressed the company into 2013; when the three owners sold the entire organization to the employees in a 100% ESOP [Employee Stock Ownership Plan] conversion.
Materials Science

SuperHard Materials : Harnessing the Hardest Materials on Earth to Advance Your Industrial Equipment

Develop a top-level understanding of SuperHard materials that will spark ideas and interest regarding how to harness these materials for the advancement of industrial equipment.