Wire & Spring

The production of wire, cable and springs requires the use of high hardness materials to maximize the efficiency of the process and the processing equipment.

In a very cost-competitive environment, which can be, highly commoditized., producers of wire and spring products are in constant pursuit of processing techniques and material wear advantages that can help to reduce their production costs.

When producers of Ethernet cable wanted to increase both their equipment productivity and the quality of their Category 6 (Cat 6) Ethernet cable by minimizing crosstalk and system noise, they chose Crafts Technology to produce tungsten carbide wire annealing rings for their wire annealing process.

By using customized tungsten carbide annealing rings, producers of Cat 6 wire were able to maximize wear life and cable quality.

Annealing Rings

Crafts Technology develops annealer rings that significantly decrease production equipment downtime and increase productivity.

Crafts precision rings are specifically designed to achieve 10 to 100 times the life of hardened steel alternatives by incorporating:

  • A proprietary grade of corrosion resistant Tungsten Carbide
  • Extreme tolerances on large, 10 inches (>254 mm) outside & inside diameters
  • Extreme tolerances on concentricity between outside & inside diameters, <.001 inches (<.025 mm)

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