Crafts Technology Presents at AeroMat 2021

Jeff Roberts, VP of Engineering for Crafts technology speaks at AeroMat 2021 virtual event.
ERP Tools

ERP Becomes a Communication Tool

Enterprise resource planning software modules provide at-a-glance understanding of job priority and location between departments as pandemic restrictions disrupted collaborative working environments.
Hyperion Materials

Hyperion Materials & Technologies Announces Acquisition of Crafts Technology

Crafts Technology has been acquired by Hyperion Materials & Technologies.
Harper College

Crafts Technology Partners with Harper College to Offer Apprenticeship Program

Crafts Technology is launching a student level Registered Apprenticeship Program in partnership with Harper College.

Women in Manufacturing Hosts a Virtual Tour of Crafts Technology

Join us for a free Virtual Tour of Crafts Technology on Thursday February 25th at 8:30am CT hosted by Women in Manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Workforce of Tomorrow

Jeffrey C. Roberts MS, Vice President of Engineering for Crafts Technology describes the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow.