The top benefits our team members are raving about….

Flexible Work Hours

If you like to get up later or are taking night classes to pursue a degree we will work within your schedule for you to have a successful work-life balance.

We will plan out hours that best achieve this balance for you. (availability between 6am – midnight M-F)

“One of my classes was in the middle of my shift. I would start work, then in the middle of shift go to a location they setup with a computer for me to attend my class. Then afterwards I went right back to work. It was perfect”


The average tenure at Crafts Technology is more than 23 years.

Which speaks to the long-term commitment of our employees and the value they receive as employee owners.

The main reason for this longevity is our emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, which aligns our goals for the betterment of the company as a whole and for the quality we deliver to each of our clients.

At Crafts Technology, you will find a place where you can do your best work for years to come, not just the next year, and be rewarded for your efforts.

“I have worked for Crafts for 42 years, I cannot see myself at any other company.”

Training Program

A training program that aligns your goals with company goals. 

Visible metrics to showcase your growth.

Tuition reimbursement program available January 1st, 2022.

“At Crafts we make everyone skills visible on a big board, so we know where everyone stands. The board then demonstrates the needs/focus areas of the company. If we are ambitious, we can target growth in those areas to garner increases in pay and prestige. ”

Base & Benefits

    • Starting rate at $18/hr
    • Additional base pay based on skill level
    • Scheduled increases based on meeting pre-determined goals
    • Night Shift Premium for 2nd shift.
    • Up to 6% 401k Company Match*
    • 70% Company Paid Health Insurance – Family and Individual premiums*
    • Dental and Voluntary Life Insurances*
    • Company Paid Life, Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability Insurances*
    • Paid Vacation and Holidays*
    • Paid Parental Leave after one year service

*After 90-Days of Employment

Signing Bonus

    • $1,000 after 6 months on the job
    • $1,000 after 12 months on the job

Career Opportunities

Grinding Technicians

Wire EDM Operator

Sinker EDM Operator

Surface Grinder

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Operator

Quality Technicians

Culture of Ownership

At Crafts Technology, all of our employee owners share our fundamental values, including transparency, innovation and integrity in all we do.

Our shared commitment is seen in the quality of the parts we make, the advanced designs we conceive, and the way we interact with our clients and our community.

We look to partner with organizations that possess similar values.

Through relationships that benefit all concerned, we aim to push the boundaries of what is possible in the performance and productivity of industrial equipment.

Our Values

  • Transparency

    Open & Honest

  • Innovation

    Breaking Barriers

  • Integrity

    Honesty & Strong Moral Principles

  • Continuous Improvement

    Not Settling, Always Improving

  • Work Ethic

    High Value on Hard Work

  • Teamwork

    We are a Family Working towards a Common Goal

  • Accountability

    Always There for Each Other & Our Partners