Fluid Power

Maximum Wear Resistance

Crafts Technology is a world leader in bringing innovation and value to tooling, wear parts, and many other components that enable fluid power applications to operate at optimal capacity.

We deliver custom solutions to OEMs, end users, and component suppliers that build and/or use fluid power and fluid handling equipment and systems.

With a long history of specialized experience in fluid power, we provide maximum value to end-users of high-performance equipment.

Our goal is to increase our customers’ overall competitiveness, help them solve real-world equipment and process issues, reduce their costs, and increase their profit margins.

Well known in a wide range of industries, we have been designing products that improve the performance and reliability of fluid power and fluid handling equipment since the late 1800s.

High Precision

  • Typical tolerances of +/- .0001”
  • Surface finishes to 2 Ra
  • Ultra-small diameter holes (<.002” dia.)
  • Complex part geometries
  • Low volume & high volume production capabilities

OEM Engineering & Design Partner

Crafts Technology serves as your engineering partner and fabrication expert for fluid power equipment components that require superhard materials. We can work with your engineering team to meet your exact specifications for accurate measurement and maximum wear resistance on bladed turbine flowmeter components, as well as precise flow control and leak-free valve stems and seats. We also can assist in enhancing the component design to increase the overall reliability and performance of your instrumentation.

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