Microns Are Just the Begining

Crafts Technology has established the largest collection of micro-EDM [Electrical Discharge Machining] machines in the world in order to meet your micro-production demands.

We have ample experience from prototype to full production of micro-scaled components and sub-assemblies.

Work with our engineering team to invent new levels of performance and capability.

  • State of the art capability in producing features below 25 microns (.001″)
  • Surface finish values below .05 microns (2 microinches)
  • Roundness specifications below 3 microns (.0001″)
  • Proven production level output, with 6 Sigma Cpk levels above 3.0 at micron tolerances

Industry Examples:

micro-manufacturing - Crafts Technology
State of the Art Equipment Playbook - Crafts Technology

Micro – CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine)

Crafts Technology offers proprietary capabilities to inspect features in ways that others cannot.

Traditional methods may require destructive testing to validate a particular feature.

Our capabilities allow for the fabrication of micron scale probes on the CMM itself in order to establish a high-precision point cloud of microfeatures.  The precision of this inspection tool cannot be matched.

Zero Force Manufacturing

High-precision manufacturing of the finest features requires the use of techniques with near zero force on the tooling and part.

Without these techniques, forces will act in a multitude of ways that can mar the precision of the component and sub-assemblies.

Work with Crafts Technology to determine how these innovative techniques can help you achieve a new level of precision for your application.

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SuperHard Material Properties Guide

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