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Wear Parts

At Crafts Technology we understand exactly how to create an ultra-hard material solution that can reduce your production equipment downtime, giving you a competitive advantage. Many of the world’s largest production applications trust Crafts Technology because of our unique ability to provide innovative solutions to severe wear and corrosion problems.

We understand the technology, the materials, and most importantly, the process to identify and implement an ultra-hard material solution that will provide a reduction in equipment downtime.

Refurbishing – Value Stream Engineering

Tooling utilization can be dramatically optimized through refurbishing of precision components and sub-assemblies.

Work with Crafts Technology to develop a state-of-the-art system that allows for dramatic cost decreases with no effect on performance.

A system will include an analysis of every stage of the value stream from Just-In-Time inventory management to packaging/ergonomics of tooling returns and replacements.

Discover the possibilities.

Expert Material Selection – only optimum grades of Tungsten Carbide and Advanced Ceramic materials are selected for your exact requirements.

Application Engineering – our extensive experience with knife edges and surface finishes means products are engineered for optimum performance.

Precision Fabrication – our flexible, in-house manufacturing will accommodate varying quantities without compromising our rigid quality standards.

Technical Support – one of the most comprehensive in the industry covering Design and Engineering Assistance, Failure Analysis, Educational Seminars, Technical Papers, and Continuous Improvements.

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