Design for Manufacturability

Using 3-D models, our design team evaluates the characteristics of the material and the impact of the manufacturing process to ensure that the part can be produced at the exact specifications desired at a cost-effective price point.

We invite you to consult with our engineering team to ensure your components will benefit from design for manufacturability from the start.

Application Examples:


Intellectual Property Development

Our innovative engineering culture and in-depth understanding of superhard materials have allowed us to develop a series of patentable designs in concert with our clients to set their operations apart from the competition.

Value Stream Engineering

Our design approach takes into consideration each stage of the life of your products, allowing for a truly novel approach to be developed.

By considering every detail of product life, from the powder it began from to the usage, refurbishing, and finally to the recycling of the material, we can develop a system that maximizes value.

Sub-Assembly Design+Build

Traditionally, the use of superhard materials has focused on producing individual piece parts and assembling these into the final component.

Crafts Technology takes it a step further by producing high-performing complete sub-assemblies.

This unique style of processing performs many of the piece part fabrication steps after assembly, which achieves GD & T principles that could not be obtained through piece part assembly only and delivers higher quality at a reduced cost.

Capitalize on Material Strengths

There are pros and cons with each material choice.

Our materials engineering experts work to effectively harness each material within your components and sub-assemblies to maximize the performance of your equipment.

Application Examples:

Application Specific Design

Serving as an extension of your team, our subject matter experts can advise you on the best materials and manufacturing process for your custom application. As we gain a full understanding of your goals, we can develop innovative solutions that optimize cost, quality, and ergonomics.

We also bring industry specific experience, developed over many years of designing and producing novel solutions for complex applications.

Sector Examples:

Our Engineering Team is standing by, ready to discuss your application!