Crafts engineers and manufactures high precision, complex form, CraftAlloy™ tungsten carbide core pins, inserts, ejectors and other injection molding tooling with the kind of tolerances and design features that high precision part molders require with mold tooling.

The tooling is harder and more rigid than any other mold tooling material on the market, significantly reducing core shift/deflection, which allows for the highest possible precision and repeatability with injection molded parts.

To further advance the utility of this technology, Crafts balances the hardness and rigidity of CraftAlloy™ tungsten carbide tooling by utilizing a metallic cobalt binder, thereby imparting a level of ductility that allows for the design of a very robust tooling system.

While high precision is the primary utility of CraftAlloy™ tungsten carbide tooling, the material typically allows for higher molding speeds due to the superior heat transfer characteristics of tungsten carbide.

Rounding out the advances that tungsten carbide material regularly presents to molders is the overall wear life of CraftAlloy™ tungsten carbide tooling.  Molders of components molded from Peek and glass-filled type materials have experienced significantly improved wear life of their tooling when migrating from steel and copper alloys to tungsten carbide.

Product & Technology Example:

Maximize Repeatability

The rigidity of the CraftAlloy™ tungsten carbide core pins makes possible the absolute minimization of tooling deflection during the molding process. With thermal heat transfer capability similar to beryllium copper, but without its health hazards, cooling capabilities are maximized and cycle times minimized.

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