Materials Science

SuperHard Materials : Harnessing the Hardest Materials on Earth to Advance Your Industrial Equipment

Develop a top-level understanding of SuperHard materials that will spark ideas and interest regarding how to harness these materials for the advancement of industrial equipment.

Jeff Roberts (Crafts Director of Engineering) Receives Young Leader Award from the TMA [Technology Manufacturing Association]

The Crafts Technology family is extremely proud to announce that our Director of Engineering, Jeffrey Roberts, has received  the Young Leaders Award from the Technology and Manufacturing Association of Illinois.
Countersink Tool

Achieving a Robust, Dynamic, & Innovative New Product Launch Cycle through Strategic Partnership

Analysis of a New Product Launch Cycle that identifies how partnering with a strategic supplier achieves expedited & enhanced results.

Engineering Intern – Summer 2019

Crafts Technology is looking for a Engineer intern that is a problem solver and eager to learn.We look forward to you becoming a member of our team for the summer.