Crafts Featured in Forbes: “Can Manufacturing Be Creative? One Company’s Journey To Create A Culture Of Innovation”

Crafts Technology featured in Forbes article highlighting our culture of Innovation

The article can be viewed here: Forbes Article: Crafts Technology a Culture of Innovation

Crafts Technology has been around for more than 125 years and this article highlights one important aspect of our culture as we strive to be relevant, innovative and profitable.

Authors of the article, Jim Ludema and Amber Johnson, are regular Forbes contributors and wrote the attached article as part of their series on creativity and innovation at work. They have a penchant for focusing their attention on high-performing, values-driven companies & leaders.

This article and the series was also inspired by the curriculum of Benedictine University’s executive Ph.D. program in leadership (Executive Ph.D. program in leadership). For additional fresh content from Jim and Amber…on culture, values & leadership, see @ValuesDriven or their blog.