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A Break Through in Medical Injection Molding – Increase Throughput & Enhance Quality on Current Mold Machines by Applying an Innovative Approach to Core Pins

The COVID-19 pandemic has put pressure on numerous segments of the medical industry. Medical manufactures are working diligently producing consumables in unprecedented volumes with short lead times. Diagnostics companies are developing test kits that confirm the presence of the virus in hopes of slowing down the spread of infection. Research organizations worldwide are working on […]

Providing a Helping Hand

Crafts Technology is a member of ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit economic development education initiative. The foundation focuses on finding highly personal ways to support entrepreneurial individuals and their influencers through capabilities assessment, educational programs, and professional support. During an Enclave’s Founders First Academy meeting, Crafts technology met Chris McCarthy of Earthpaint.org.  This […]

A New Standard: The Dynamic Partnership Between End User, OEM, and Industrial Machine Consumable Manufacturers

Large industrial machines produce a lot of something. That ‘a lot of something’ varies from laying composite tape on the outside of an airplane fuselage, to cutting fabric for baby diapers, to dispensing droplets of adhesive on electronics so your phone won’t break after an accidental drop. Most of these industrial machines use consumables like […]

WEBINAR: Hear Members of Crafts Executive Team Discuss the Shift to the “New Normal”

WEBINAR: Hear Members of Crafts Executive Team Discuss the Shift to the “New Normal” Masterclass No. 35 Brought to you by Enclave, will bring on Crafts Technology President & CEO Jeffrey Taylor and Vice President of Engineering Jeffrey Roberts to reveal and examine how they had to shift gears in their minds, and their organization […]

[VIDEO] How Crafts Technology Supported Tier 1 Supplier and OEM for COVID-19 Test Kits

We are proud to support those on the frontlines who are tirelessly fighting against COVID-19; your commitment inspires us! To do our part in the COVID-19 fight, the Crafts Technology team recently stepped up to produce critical tungsten carbide tooling in order for a Tier 1 Supplier to support a medical diagnostic OEM in significantly […]

Crafts Technology Provides Critical Tooling In COVID-19 Test Kit Production

Crafts Technology, experts in designing and producing components from superhard materials for industrial equipment, is supporting the fight against COVID-19 by rush-producing CraftAlloy™ tungsten carbide core pin tooling to be used in the injection molding machines that manufacture vials for COVID-19 testing. This core pin tooling, being used in a re-tooled machine, will help the […]