Crafts Hosts Team Bonding Event in a COVID World!

Company culture is hard to measure but it’s absolutely fundamental to running a successful business. With no team feeling, people tend to perform less well and feel less motivated by their tasks. It has been especially difficult to keep teams feeling strong during the pandemic. Most of the little rituals which keep us together have been disrupted. No more casual visits to people’s desks, no more gossip at the coffee machine or shared lunches. With many teams spending months apart, managers are having to think about alternative ways to keep teams together.

Now that people are going back to the shop, it’s important to make time to be together again as a team. Things will be different. We have all lived through big changes in the last months that have affected us on a personal level. For managers, many teams have been reshuffled, while new starters have arrived without meeting their colleagues in person.

So it’s an great idea to bring teams back together and organize a team-building event. Team-building activities are important for keeping a company cohesive and happy, by doing something out of the ordinary that also makes you smile. But team building in times of coronavirus brings up issues: How do you get together while keeping safe distance?

Crafts Technology decided to host a TEAM BAGS TOURNAMENT in their facility. There was only one basic rule: masks required, remember to keep a minimum distance from each other, use the hygiene products we provide for everyone, and HAVE FUN!

At Crafts Technology, all of our employee owners share our fundamental values, including transparency, innovation and integrity in all we do. Our shared commitment is seen in the quality of the parts we make, the advanced designs we conceive, and the way we interact with our clients and our community. We look to partner with organizations that possess similar values. Through relationships that benefit all concerned, we aim to push the boundaries of what is possible in the performance and productivity of industrial equipment.