ERP Becomes a Communication Tool

Crafts Technology has implemented a central display that can show larger-picture information such as financial info, who has been cross-trained in various departments and more.

Modern Machine Shop is the leading publication and media brand in North America devoted to CNC machining. To report on the ways CNC machining technology is advancing and succeeding, their staff writers travel the world exploring the ways job shops, contract shops and captive operations use machining equipment, processes and strategies to become more effective and efficient.

Recently, Emily Probst from Modern Machine Shop conducted an interview with Joe Abbate on the topic of JobBoss ERP Software and its benefits to Crafts Technology. “Everything that came along with the COVID-19 restrictions was the opposite of what we were trying to achieve as an employee-owned company in terms of collaboration, teamwork and business transparency,” says Joe Abbate, technical sales manager at Crafts Technology. According to Joe, the JobBoss ERP software is shown on digital displays located throughout the facility at Crafts “to provide transparent, digital communication which has accelerated the company’s ability to streamline its communication efforts”.

Learn how Crafts Technology benefited from the use of this software and others in this interview.