Jeffrey Taylor, People+People Conference: The Real ROI of Building a Purposeful Business

Jeff Taylor sat on the panel for: The Real ROI of Building a Purposeful Business at The People+People Conference brought to us by RedCaffeenie

The conference was held in November of 2018 at Benedectine University.

The conference revolved around  values-driven leadership, a summary of the conference is put best by the hosts: 

Do you have strategic growth goals, but don’t have a clear roadmap to get there? Here’s the bottom line: it takes the same strategies to attract and retain clients as it does talent – that’s the foundation of a People+People plan. After attending this event you’ll have the tools to keep a healthy, engaged pipeline of both to achieve your business goals.

We’ve gathered a diverse group of good-hearted, culture-based speakers and panelists committed to making organizations great places to work with and for! Attending the People+People Conference means immersing yourself with a one-of-a-kind community that truly believes in paying it forward. You will experience stories and ideas that can have an immediate impact on your business – the first day back from the conference you can implement meaningful best practices that will set you and your team up for long-term success.

The panel served as a great discussion on the real-world roadblocks on developing a purposeful business, and how to pull culture through versus just putting words on the wall.  

The panel included:

Scott Kutin, CEO, TEchnori

Patrick Tannous, Co-Founder & President, Tiesta Tea

Josh Grodzin, DIrector of Business Development & Marketing, Elk Grove Village

Steven Handmaker, Chief Marketing Officer, Assurance