Failure Analysis

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The Failure Analysis is the first step in the search for the optimum material for each application.

Our failure analysis process is one of the most in-depth in the industry. The multi-step procedure results in identifying the actual mode of failure:

The Failure Analysis process will identify the metallurgical and chemical properties of the material, such as: binder material, binder content, grain size, hardness, fracture toughness, density, transverse rupture strength, comprehensive strength, modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity and the coefficient of thermal expansion.

A metallurgist will then identify the process control or quality issues, such as porosity (A, B, or C type), binder lakes, clusters, eta phase, contamination, grain size and pits. A test, to determine if corrosion or other conditions, such as mechanical fractures or green flaws are present, will also be conducted.

After testing is complete, our expert metallurgists will analyze the data and provide a Failure Analysis Report. The report will detail suspected causes of failure and will include photomicrographics at 1500x that provide visual evidence of the findings.

Our detailed Failure Analysis process is part of Crafts Technology's comprehensive Technical Support program. We believe that by sharing our expertise with our customers, together we will find the best ultra-hard material solution for you.