Custom Core Pins

Crafts Technology can provide the opportunity to reduce the cost of producing injection molded parts. Tungsten Carbide Core Pins provide a significant competitive advantage.

An important key to profitability for plastic injection molders is cycle time. Tungsten Carbide Core Pins have reduced cycle time by as much as 25% to 40% resulting in a significant annual savings.

Crafts Technology produces Custom Core Pins from a special high conductivity Tungsten Carbide material.

Tungsten Carbide Core Pins provide thermal conductivity equal to Beryllium Copper (Cu+Be) alloys. The heat in the part can be removed rapidly from injection molded parts with internal cavities.

The rigid Tungsten Carbide Core pins provide extremely low deflection during the injection process. Internal cavities in the injection molded part, that require long narrow core pins, will experience very low deflection... and tight tolerances can be maintained without sacrificing cycle time.

Tungsten Carbide Core Pin tolerances can be held to +/-.0001" at Crafts Technology.

Tungsten Carbide Core Pins also provide a substantial increase in wear life.

Technical Support - All Tungsten Carbide Core Pins are re-engineered by Crafts Technology for optimal performance and maximum service life.

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