About Crafts Technology

Crafts Technology manufactures tooling and components designed to stand up under harsh conditions, severe abrasion, and corrosion, by using ultra-hard- materials that include: Tungsten Carbide, Advanced Ceramics, and Polycrystalline Diamond. These materials are used in a wide variety of applications, such as precision knives that cut abrasive materials, countersinking tools that cut fastener holes in aircraft structures, spray nozzles and needles for equipment that dispenses adhesives and other abrasive fluids, and core pins for injection molding of medical devices.

Customers receive expert technical support from engineers and metallurgists, who consult with the design engineer and advise as to the optimum materials and grades for the application. Crafts Technology regularly holds technical seminars to provide the latest information on ultra-hard materials for custom manufacturing applications. Components are designed to address issues of abrasive wear, premature corrosive wear, rigidity, and accelerated heat transfer. Our goal is to help customers improve productivity and reduce overall costs – by enhancing the part design, selecting the right material, running custom inventory programs, cutting cycle time, and increasing the life of the tooling or component.

Our manufacturing facility is located near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to serve clients with national and global markets. We are continually upgrading our technology and training our people to produce outstanding results and to provide responsive customer service. Crafts Technology is a 100% employee-owned ESOP company.

Crafts Technology has been an innovator in manufacturing high-performance tooling and components designed to reduce production and operation costs and extend product life. Just like the history of manufacturing in America, Crafts Technology has changed names, locations and owners through the years, but it has not changed its focus on helping manufacturers meet changing demands with new and innovative technology employing ultra-hard materials.