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Crafts Technology designs and manufactures specialized products utilizing hard materials to produce wear parts, components and custom tooling. Products are made from specific grades of Tungsten Carbide, Advanced Ceramics or Polycrystalline Diamond. The selected material offers excellent wear properties, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity... and is used for demanding applications such as precision knives, spray nozzles, core pins, metal forming tools, guide shoes, dies, annealer rings, and other special tooling for variety of applications.

Our solutions help a variety of companies who essentially require parts in the form of ultra hard materials to solve problems caused by premature abrasive wear, premature corrosive wear, and the need for rigidity, or the need for accelerated heat transfer. Crafts is known for providing application engineering to assist customers in identifying the optimum material for the development of products that provide the best performance and the least cost method of manufacturing.

Download our Whitepaper on Tungsten Carbide Grade Selection